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Respecting Atheistic Views

Atheists often demand respect for their views. I agree that everyone's opinions should be respected. Everybody's views must be respected. But what if their views is leading them to destruction? Should their view still be respected?

Atheists are deluded people. They have illogical ideas and beliefs that are leading them to destruction. Those who sees where they are heading to, will challenge their ideas out of concern for them. This challenge is viewed by them as disrespect.

If you are an atheist take this small exercise.  Go to any discussion forum related to atheism. Take a look at the posts and note down all the offensive words used and by whom they are used. Note down how many mocking sentences are typed any note down by whom they were typed. Do this with other forums also that discusses such topics. What is the result you will observe?

You will see that in most cases it is the atheist who is is offensive. They have no qualms about being offensive, calling names, mocking and ridiculing people and insulting people. So is there any sense in asking people to respect your views when you are the ones who are being disrespectful?


  1. The Reverend Toni Rigatoni (CotFSM)16 September 2012 at 10:26

    Go to the website and you will see you are entirely WRONG! It is the so called pious christians that come to our peacefull site and attack us with foul language, bad spelling and piss poor punctuation. You will also find that rarely will a respondent personally attack a poster unless as a defense. We will however attack their ridiculous beliefs and efforts to condemn us to hell. Come over and see...come on...

    1. I do not see what you claim to be in the website. All the website has is out and out mockery of theists and Christians. If there is a section there which has attacking responses from pious Christians as you say please tell me where it is.

      I also challenge you to show me one website that exists for the sole purpose of mocking atheists. You may site this one. But no. In this site I have shown logical fallacies and I did not do only mocking.

      We do not condemn anyone to hell.

    2. The Reverend Toni Rigatoni (CotFSM)19 September 2012 at 13:53

      Seek and you shall find, read the hate-mail section, there are hundreds of vicious attacks from so called christians.
      I will cite this site as it does openly attack atheists, we are condemned to hell, we are deluded, we are out to destroy god... what's that if not attacking atheists? By your own admission this site exists to 'save our souls' as we are sinners; to me that's equally as distasteful as being called a nutter would be to you.

  2. I do admit that there are attacks from the so called Christians and I also admit that they are wrong in doing so. In this site however you won't find me calling names or mocking anyone.

    Yes it is true that all are sinners. It is also true that this website exists to save people. However I am not the savior. I can only show the way to salvation.