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Why No Evidences?

This is another of those silly questions. If God exists why does He show any concrete verifiable evidences?
  • First by asking this question, you are defining God rather than looking at the real definition of God. I have explained it in this page: GOD needs to be worshipped You are affirming that God should process attributes that are testable by man. Let me as you why do you insist on that?
  • God is a Spirit being and man is a physical being. If you say that there should be physical evidences for a spiritual being, then you are deluded and arrogant. 
  • If God exists, then He is a higher being and you are a lower being. Thus if you want to know a higher being you go by His terms and conditions and not yours. If you would like to meet the the CEO of your company, or President of your country, then you don't fix the date, time, and venue. The other person does. You may do it but only if the other person allows it. I am amazed that you can't even get that!
If you don't want the truth, if you want to hold to your position and if you thereby want to possess eternal damnation, that's fine. But don't delude other people and make them share your eternal desitny.   

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