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Evidence Seeing Problem

Some atheists take a lot of pride in making this statement - "there is no evidence for..." If you are one who agree with this claim then you have a major disease in your thought and you need a pill.

Read the following two sentences clearly.
  1. There is no evidence for God
  2. I have not seen any evidence for God.

These are claims that atheists make. Is there any problem with any of these claims? If so, which one has the problem?

Here is the answer. The first claim is the one that has many problems. The problem with people making such claims are as follows:
  • First it assumes that God should have evidences that are man expects. In other words man expects a spirit being to have physical evidences. Highly Illogical expectations.
  • To make such a claims the person making that claim should has examined all parts of the universe, which is an impossible feat. If you insist that there must be a physical evidence for God, why should that evidence exist on earth?
  • The person making such a claim is not bothered about the truth. All he or she wants to do is to just hold on to his stand.      


  1. The call for evidence stems from the reality that religions are more varied than area codes. Every denomination is arguing their legitimacy, claiming orthodoxy, declaring counter faiths as heresy. Even you deemed Catholicism as not being true to the teachings of christ; hence heretical. Considering Catholicism accounts for about 50% of all Christians worldwide, that represents about a billion people who are not 'true' Christians in your eyes.

    So what is a poor 'deceived' atheist to do? I could ask, “Which is the right religion?” To which EVERYONE of every walk of faith would raise their hands. Since they all cannot be true, one has to ask opt for plan 'B'; ask for proof. To which all respond, “You have to have faith” or suffer whatever form of torment they subscribe to. Thousands of differing and conflicting faiths, all are being evidenced with 'personal experiences', all claiming to be the singular path to god(s) and salvation.

    From your perspective your faith is the only choice, my mine you are just one of many. Evidence is the only thing that will separate you from the others. Unless you can offer an argument or proof which distinguishes Christianity then the only choice I have is to cast it on the Mount Everest sized pile of "true" faiths and move on.

    1. First there need to be a love for truth. When there are huge number of people claiming God exists, you should logically delve into every claim and analyze them. Only then can you come to a conclusion about weather God exists. How many of you do analyze all the various claims?

      About denominations I have this to say. Denominations are man made. What is important is your relationship with God. So if you were a true seeker you would seek God rather than hiding behind excuses.

    2. The Reverend Toni Rigatoni (CotFSM)23 September 2012 at 04:37

      How many have you studied Anne? I would bet, not many if any; but still you claim the validity of your belief.

    3. ***** How many have you studied Anne? I would bet, not many if any; but still you claim the validity of your belief.*******

      I did not understand that question. Could you please elaborate.

  2. "First there need to be a love for truth"

    If I wanted truth I'd take up philosophy class, I want facts.

    "When there are huge number of people claiming God exists, you should logically delve into every claim and analyze them."

    I was a devout Catholic for 20 years, since walking away from that farce of a faith I have researched around 60 faiths, the bulk of which are under the umbrella of Christianity. I have also studied Judaism, Islam, and the Gnostic faiths followed in Europe. The all have the same things in common:
    - They are the only correct faiths, all others are heretical
    - They all claim a personal relationship with "their" god. I quote "their" because they all commonly use god in a possessive form: "Our", "My". Which establishes ownership, property.
    - Each faith uses the same evidence and language.
    - All claim their specific faiths are the ONLY path to god and salvation.

    "So if you were a true seeker"

    That is a "No true Scotsman" fallacy. I've spend the last 20 years looking for evidence, looking at similar and alternate faiths. One has to come to a practical conclusion sooner or later. How much of one's life should be spend in the attempt of proving or disproving the existence of something that is either invisible or nonexistent? There are 3000+ faiths in the world, it has taken 20 years to rule out around 60, only 2,940ish to go. Unless you can say the same you are looking at snowball's chance in hell of avoiding hell.

    Did you know there are Christian group which handle snakes as part of their tradition? Just bringing this up in case you find yourself at the pearly gates and St.Peter asks you: "Where is your snake?". Don't say I did not warn you.

    1. Let me ask you a few questions.

      1. How did you come to the conclusion that one faith is wrong before you moved on to the next?

      2. In each of these religions, what were you looking for?

  3. Hi Annie.
    My point is: you can have some hardly scientific proves of “Intelligent design” theory, but even so any god (or gods, or someone like FSM) can create the world. And I don’t have to prove that God doesn’t exist. Sure there can be a God or FSM or someone – it’s not a reason to worship anyone until I know for sure. And there are too many religions to waste my time to explore. Worship just in case? – Laughable (and who should I worship). The problem is there is no proof (and hardly can be proof) of God, heaven, hell and life after death (at least how christians sees it). “In other words man expects a spirit being to have physical evidences” – sure I do expect something, a talking everburning bush or would be nice. “Thus if you want to know a higher being you go by His terms and conditions and not yours” – well if “higher being” (or better say some priest) wants me to worship him, I want some evidences. If IT doesn’t want it – fine by me. And about “our souls need to be saved” – just words (scientology for example tells we are all unhappy). “God always works with the "faith first and evidences next" model” – very confident, you sure knows ways of the God, but (according to Bible) when Jews doing something wrong (worship idol etc) God was quick for “evidences first” model. So your main evidence is your experience. Doesn’t look much to me. Next thing u said is “there are 1000s of people who share this experiences” – other religions saying the same things (I believe ;) any cult member could say the same). So not good for me again. Makes me think that this kind of “experiences” can be very deceiving. Do ever think it could be shaitan tricking you away from Allah.
    PS. Sorry for my english.

    1. You guys have a problem. I will tell you what the problem is. You do not know what skepticism is. You think that if a statement is there and you are able cook up anything that can discredit that statement then that is skepticism or rational thinking. That is your problem. A mental problem.

      What you do with this problem is that you pick and choose. When there is something that you don't want, you use this thinking when you are doing your so called seeking. For example GOD. But in some other issues that are not a problem to you, you don't use this kind of thinking.

      With this kind of thinking no one will be able to convince you about something you don't want to accept. In fact with this sickness there should be a very great amount of dishonesty. Why? Because with this kind of sickness if you were honest then no one could teach you anything and you can't learn anything. IF you have search far and wide to know if a God exist and you still have found no evidence then the problem is with you.

      So what will your end be? If you are going to continue with sickness then you will never going to find evidence for God, Heaven and Hell. As a result you are never going to believe in them. And as a result of this you will never be able to use the salvation Jesus offered you. Following that you will land in Hell when you finish with this life.

      Now don't jump at me saying I am judging you. I am not judging you but am just stating what is going to happen to you.