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There are two sets of people called the atheists. One is a set of people who have taken the stand of being an atheist, with an agenda. They have an agenda and they propagate atheism to accomplish that agenda. Atheism is their occupation.

Then there is the other set of people who have lost belief in their religion and were promptly deluded by the teachings of the other set of people about  whom I mentioned above. These are deluded. They have been deceived. They have just bought into the teachings of those others.

It is the second set of people I want to address to. If possible, I would like to show them the truth and save them from the eternal damnation, that they are walking straight into. The former set of people are not sleeping. But the latter set of deceived ones are sleeping. I have in this blog some pills to wake them up.

All the pages in the website are pills. They are deliberately made as small ones so that they are easy to swallow. These pills are free and any one can distribute them to their atheist or skeptic friends.

I also welcome anyone who has an atheist pill with them. If you provide me the pill we could put it up for sharing.

Wishing you a healthy spirit. 

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