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What GOD allows

The moment a disaster happens anywhere, people ask "Why does God allow such things"? You even use it as argument against God. This is a very bad disorder and it requires a pill. A clear understanding is needed to eliminate all misconceptions.

Everyone assumes that God has the authority to allow or disallow anything. I would like tell you, that this is not so. God created this universe and set a system in motion. Which means things happened by itself. Man was created with a free will, which means he could make his own decisions. He chooses to not have God as an authority over him. Since man has decided so, God respects his decision and will not exercise His authority to allow or disallow anything in his life.

By accepting Jesus as your savior, you are telling God that you choose to have Him as your authority and that He can exercise His authority to allow or disallow anything in your life. Only then, can you ask the question "Why did God allow this?"

This in the life of a non-believer in God, God does not allow or disallow anything. It all happens by itself and there is no one to control it. Have someone who can be in control. It will do you good,


  1. The Reverend Toni Rigatoni (CotFSM)16 September 2012 at 08:31

    Does god answer the christians that ask those questions? I bet he doesn't. Natural disasters kill indiscriminately, believers and non believers alike, how does that reconcile with your statements above? If god has the power to prevent these tragedies but decides to allow them to happen how can you say he is not evil, why does he not save the pious and the innocents? I know that this comment along with the others I have posted here will not get past your mediation, because you can't answer any of my questions can you?. I cannot imagine that a site such as this so full of obvious bullshit would not have attracted plenty of comments yet none appear here, why is that? Is it because you won't allow any disagreement with your position? If you have faith in your belief come out of hiding and argue your point, provide the evidence and take the criticism of your arguments like an adult. Grow some balls and stand up for your belief, let's have a debate, come on I dare you!

    1. Let me assure you that all your comments will appear on this site. Please give me some time.

      When Christians ask those questions God does answer them.

      Now to your questions. You asked if God can prevent disasters but won't then is he not cruel? The things in this world are not controlled by God. Why? Because man did not want Him to be in control. Since He is no more in control, you just cannot hold Him responsible for whatever is happening.

    2. The Reverend Toni Rigatoni (CotFSM)19 September 2012 at 03:52

      Hello again Ann. Another question arising from your answer if I may: Are we not all god's children? If so why does he allow those petulant children - the atheists and agnostics and indeed non Christians, to run amok and not bring them into line as any responsible parent would do? Would you, as a mother allow a child to do as they would rather than exercise your responsibility to protect and guide? If the answer to this is no, then why should god be able or willing to shirk his paternal duty; if the answer is yes then please promise me that you will not have any children as you would probably be arrested for child abuse if you acted in such an irresponsible way with them.
      Anne, the bible tells us that god loves us whatever we believe (yes I have read the bible..a lot)why then has he abandoned me and billions of others (his petulant children) to commit themselves to an eternity of purgatory? One can only deduce from that that god is not all loving as the bible would have us believe or he is unable to intervene and therefor not omnipotent. Can you explain to me where my reasoning has gone wrong.

      May the Sauce be with you

      The Reverend
      ps I'm a real Minister so you drop the mister.

    3. Here is the answer to your question. First as I have already explained in my posts and comments, you cannot cannot say GOD allows His children to go astray. In fact let me make it clear that you become God's child only if you accept Him as your God. If you don't then you have taken away from Him the parental rights and authority. Having taken them away you (I mean the non-Christians) have disowned Him. You don't want Him as your parent. So you are the one responsible and not HIM.

      Your next question also shows that you are not willing to understand the truth. God is not the one responsible for your destruction, you are. He has not abandoned you, you have abandoned Him. He has extended His hands to save you but you refuse to hold it. You are responsible and no HIM.

  2. The Reverend Toni Rigatoni (CotFSM)20 September 2012 at 13:15

    Please stop asserting the truth of that which you cannot prove or even put forward a nearly convincing argument for. I have not disowned god, god has never given me any indication that he is there and so has abandoned me. Imagine if you will, you are not here to tell me of his existence and so I would not be aware of him, would that still condemn me for not accepting him? I CAN say that he lets his children go astray otherwise how do you explain atheists, Hindus, and every other person on this planet that doesn't subscribe to your world view. If god is all powerful he could stop us from running wild, if he was all loving and forgiving he would want to and would do it, but he doesn't. So, tell me Annie which of those two qualities does he lack because he can't have both, is he loving but impotent or all powerful but uncaring? He must be one or the other to act in the way he does.

    The Reverend

    1. First of all you cannot assert that I cannot prove the truth. I have already explained to you in detail about this. You have never accepted God and that is why you can't experience any evidences.

      If you were not aware of the existence of God (as you have asked to imagine) then God would show you kindness by allowing you to stand in His presence and judge you according to your conscience.

      You keep repeating that God lets His children go astray, and I keep telling you that they have not given Him the control in the first place. How long are you going to repeat this?

      Are you now trying to dictate how God should behave? God has His way of working and He does not work against free will.

      You say God can't be all powerful and all loving at the same time. I am now going to debunk this stupid argument of your. (Please Note: I am calling the argument 'stupid' and not you) God is all powerful but He is not unintelligent. He can choose to use His power according to the situation. HE does not use His power against anyone's freewill. God is all loving and that is why He made you with freewill and respects it. Otherwise He could have made you like robots - without any capability to choose.

      There, I have debunked it but I am sure that you will not learn and will repeat this argument time and again.

  3. The Reverend Toni Rigatoni (CotFSM)21 September 2012 at 13:58

    No Annie, I won't keep repeating this argument because it just makes you repeat yours. You haven't answered my question despite how much you say you have. I'll leave that one for now, the rapid circling is making me dizzy.

    1. Your right. But why do you keep repeating your arguments?

    2. The Reverend Toni Rigatoni (CotFSM)22 October 2012 at 06:35

      I keep repeating my arguments Annie, because you keep repeating your indecipherable nonsense and haven't responded with anything approaching a reasonable counter argument, when you can we can move on, if that is what you wish.

      The Reverend

    3. I went back and reviewed all my responses to you. I believe I have responded to your arguments. In fact I have given you logical arguments. So you cannot say that I have not responded to you.

      It is you who are the cause of our circular argument. This is how you work.
      First you bring about an argument.
      Then I provide a response to it.
      Next you start to mock my response rather than giving a counter argument to mine.
      There by I have to respond to your mocking and we are stuck.

      So cut the ridiculing and argue logically if you can.

  4. The Reverend Toni Rigatoni (CotFSM)23 November 2012 at 13:18

    Sorry Annie, it is impossible to use logical argument against illogical propositions and expect to prevail. If I am mocking you it is because it is the only course of action remaining to me. I ask you a question and you answer illogically, when I point out the fact that you are responding but not answering you repeat the same logical fallacies worded differently requiring a request for clarification which is responded to with the same argument. That is not exactly a circular argument in the strictest sense but we are still going round in circles. OK, let's stop ridiculing; and that means you too, you do your fair share of mocking atheists!

  5. Okay. Let us start from the beginning. You ask me a question and let us see if we can take it to its logical conclusion.