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Nature of Evidence

Over my discussion with various friends I felt that one more pill is required. So I have this one here.

Many atheists ask us for evidence. So do we have evidence to offer them? The answer is yes and no. Yes we do have evidences and plenty of them. But no, we can't offer you those evidences. This might sound illogical, but it is true.

The evidences we have are our personal experiences. When we acknowledge God we are provided experiences. God Himself communes with us. He provides us revelations and also. We will feel His presence. So the evidence has to do with experience, we cannot show you the evidence. You will have to experience your evidence yourself.

The evidence is this form because God wants each one of us to experience the evidences personally. When we claim to have scientific evidence for various scientific theories, what we are actually doing is to trust those scientists. We have not been a part of those researches, we have not witnessed those experiments, we have not seen or verified those figures and calculations. We have just trusted them. This is not how God wants it to be. That is why the evidences for the existence of God, is designed to be so.      

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