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Looking for a verse

"Can you show me one verse that declares...." This is another one of the dirty disease that is affecting many people. If you are have symptoms of this disease its time you take a pill.

How many times have we heard this stupid question. Anyone who is asking a question shows first of all that he is a fool and secondly that he has not understood the scripture and thirdly that he does not know how to study a book.
  • Bible is not an ordinary book that can be read as any other book. It is book written by  the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (that is by the third person in the God head).
  • It is not meant for casual reading. If you insist of reading it casually, then you are welcome to do so but don't point things it and say that there is a problem there. Because as a casual reader you and fit for that.
To people asking this kind of question I have a few question. Why is necessary that if a concept exist in a book it should be stated explicitly, at least in one sentence? Why can't the concept exist in the book without being  explicitly stated in any sentence?

The Bible is a book in which God speaks to you and tells you about His purpose in creating you. It is from God. Therefore you need to study it (not just read it) to make sure that you understood your God and what He is telling us in the scriptures.

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