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What Christianity is

People think that Christianity is a "man made" religion. Is it really one? It is because people do not understand term properly that wrong ideas come in. Then they go about spreading these wrong information.

Jesus Christ came into this world and taught us the way to salvation. Anyone who follows Jesus Christ are called Christian. You may be in some corner of the world. If you come to know Jesus and you believe in Him then you are a Christian. You may not have a church in your locality or you may not want to go to any church. Still you are a Christian.

They way of the Christians is called Christianity. You may be a Christian as I have drawn about - in a corner of the world not attending any church. You still belong to Christianity. Thus it is not a 'man made' religion.

A group of Christians is called a Church. If a group of people gather at a 'church', God sees only the Christians as a part of the Church.

While this is the actual meaning of the terms, they have come to mean something else today's world. In fact it now works in the reverse. The buildings now mean church. The people who meet there are called Christians and what follow is considered a "man made" religion and that religion is called Christianity. So those of you reading this article, please educate yourself with the real meanings and you will understand things better.    


  1. The definition of religion: "a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs." Unless Christians don't have a set of beliefs, they are a religion.

    "A group of Christians is called a Church."
    So, in other words, if I have three Christian friends with me, I'm in a church?

    "You still belong to Christianity. Thus it is not a religion."
    You have to go a religious site in order to be a religion? So, if I believed in Zeus and the Greek gods, I would not be part of a religion because I can't go to a religious site?

    1. ******The definition of religion........they are religion*****

      Thank you for pointing out a mistake in my typing. When I was typing the word "religion" I meant "man made religion". I will make the change in my page. Thank you for pointing out that to me.

      ******..... if I have three Christian friends with me, I'm in a church?*****

      Yes you are.

      *****You have to go a religious site in order to be a religion?******

      No. In fact I am saying the opposite.