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Faith First

Atheists always ask for evidences. There is a problem with that. What could be possibly wrong with asking for evidences before placing faith on something?

Actually in normal case there would be nothing wrong with that. But in this particular case we are dealing with God. As stated in this page: Why No Evidences?  man is dealing with a higher authority. Hence if man wants to know if God exists he must work according to God's terms. So what is man's terms and what is God's terms.

Man always works with the "evidence first and faith next" model. Man needs evidence first and then if the evidences are satisfactory he places his faith or belief in it. 

God always works with the "faith first and evidences next" model. God requires man's faith and then if the faith is satisfactory then He provides evidences.

Now since God is a higher authority we have work with His model to know Him.

But is this not illogical? Only if you pre-assume that God does not exist. So are you assuming that God does not exist to begin with. Then you have begun with an error.

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